Check out a collection of new gadgets that will impress and excite you.

Today we reveal 3 (out of 3) products included in the March box. 

1. Bnext™ VR Headset - $40

VR glasses

Join the revolutionary Virtual Reality technology with the Bnext VR Headset today! This state of the art headset can be used with almost any iPhone & Android phone (up to 6.3" in size) to watch and play VR games and movies for free. Just slide your phone in and put the headset on to enjoy an immersive VR experience.s.

2. Desk Beverage Warmer Plate - $23

Beverage warmer
This beverage mug warmer not only can slow down the cooling speed of hot coffee, but also can heat your coffee up to 131℉/55℃, and keep this temperature whole day, which is neither too hot nor too cold. You can sip your coffee at any time, without waiting. The electric coffee cup warmer has 3.5" diameter heating area. It can be fit most cups, such glass cup,stainless steel cup, ceramic cup etcure.

3. Kiko Leather Card Case - $15

Card holder

 This product is great for anyone who continuously misplaces their keys, phones or any belongings. Just attach it to your keys, camera, backpack, wallet, etc. and then pair it with the app and viola! Lost is now found. You can also find your phone using Finder by double pressing the Finder’s button to ring your phone – even it in the silent mode.

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