Many of us may find ourselves burnt out after the festive season with all the cleaning, shopping or even … partying. Hence, it is very important to refresh ourselves and be ready for a new year ahead. This box provides essential products that help you winding down through sleep and rest.

Today we reveal 3 (out of 3) products included in the January box. 

1. Aroma Season Portable Hot Steam Eye Mask* - $23

Heated Eye mask

This will be your favorite eye mask because it is convenient thanks to the 5-class heat temperature and 6-class timing. The soothing warmth helps you go into a deep sleep at home, uplifts your spirit and relaxes any tired mind. This eye mask is heated with carbon fiber and built with a smooth fabric that is very friendly to your skin. The lavender scent definitely will relax you and dissolve your stress. Also, the cover is removable and washable. *Caution: Please read and follow all instructions on the box or packed with products before using.

2. Big Red Rooster 6 Sound White Noise Machine - $30

Sleeping machine

Drift off to sleep easier with the Big Red Rooster sound machine. Perfect for travel, this machine features 6 high-quality sounds from nature that help you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. No more being disturbed during the night from unwanted loud noise, the white noise is perfect for blocking out the sound of noisy neighbors, barking dogs and snoring. For your convenience, this machine is portable and great for home, office or travel.

3. Yankee Candle 3-Wick Square Candle* - $20

Yankee Candle

This elevation candle will fill your living space with the aroma of harvest vegetables. It is made with natural soy wax blend with wicks made with 100% natural fibers. The fragrance is just as special — complex, nuanced, and containing essential oils. With 3 wicks for an exceptional burn and increased fragrance experience and ambiance. * Candle scent varied with availability.

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