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July 2019


Independence Day is here and we want to take this opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the people who have sacrificed so much to protect our freedom. We want to honor our veterans for their service; hence, this box only includes products from veteran-owned companies and companies that support veterans. 


1. VIRTUS - Whiskey Operator Cap - $25

Veteran owned company, trucker cap, hat, gear, outdoor, american

Virtus is a veteran owned outdoor apparel company and for every item sold, $1 is donated to military charities. The Whiskey cap offers tactical features and comfortable alternative for your everyday tactical apparel. Featuring a hook patch and a loop patch at the front panel while being lightweight constructed for an incredible all-day training comfort.

    2. BOLDFOOT - Scotsman Dress/Casual Argyle Socks - $15

    Veteran owned company, socks, accessories, american

    These socks are 100% American-made - Grown Here, Sewn Here. Boldfoot also donates 5% of their profits to U.S. Military Veterans in need. Whether  you're headed into work or out for a weekend ride with the pup by your side, these dress / casual socks are sure to catch the eye of jealous onlookers. These fun & colorful hats for your feet are unique but not too crazy, making them wearable in just about anywhere.

    3. TRAVEL HALO - $14

    Veteran owned company, american made, USA made, travel, accessories

    The patented Travel Halo™ is from a Service Disabled Veteran Owned company by Michael Vahey. This travel halo offers travel relaxation in the form of a portable and comfortable head stabilizer.The minimalist design uses 2 small pillows on each side of your head to hold it in place. Your neck remains straight – and in a safe and comfortable position. Microbead sleep mask with adjustable straps can handle everyday wear and tear.

    4. DUKE CANNON - Solid Cologne - Bourbon - $25

    Veteran owned company, self care, cologne, accessories, edc

    Duke Cannon Supply Company is serious about its commitment to giving back therefore 5% of their net profits donated to causes that benefit veterans and active duty military. The concentrated cologne balms melt at your fingertips for precision scent application. Made with natural and organic ingredients, the Bourbon Solid Cologne offers a woodsy, oak barrel scent. A 1.5 oz tin lasts a good long time and super convenient for everyday use.

    5. RUCK PACK - 3oz Energizer - $7

    Veteran owned company, american made, usa made, energy, drink

    Originally founded by Marine Special Operations Forces in the battlefields of Afghanistan, RuckPack™ is combat nutrition designed to help you stay cool, alert, driven, and physically ready to ramp up when needed. As seen on Shark Tank, RuckPack® Energizer are made with natural sweeteners, colors, and flavors. No sucralose. No synthetic caffeine. Ruck pack also donates 5% of their profits to non-profit organizations in an effort to build a stronger nation.


    June 2019


    The HANDY box includes practical & well-designed products that enable you to deal with any challenges that come your way.


    KEYSMART PRO - $60

    The two things we can't leave our home without: our keys and our phone. Now, you don't ever have to worry about losing either again. With Tile app built-in, the Keysmart tracks your keys right from your smartphone AND can find your smartphone, even if it's on silent.​This keysmart can also hold 10 keys, built-in LED flashlight and bottle opener.

    Wilderness Survival Card 2.0 - $13 

    What makes this tool so uniquely advantageous is that it weighs less than an ounce, yet can replace up to 20lbs of gear! Put away your bulky fishing lures, that gigantic foldable spear, and awkward hand-saw, and get something that you can carry around in your pocket!

    Brown Leather Wallet - $20

    A handsome leather wallet to hold everything a survivalist needs in one place. The wallet is made from vintage brown cowhide that will produce a beautiful patina with age. It will stretch to fit 8 credit cards fairly easy.

    Revivex Odor Eliminator - $9

    This odor eliminator is super handy when you need to eliminate odor causing bacteria from mildew, mold, pets, and perspiration. Designed for all types of washing machines; use as a spray or soak to treat hard to wash items like wetsuits and tents. It also has multipurpose & can be ued on outerwear, athletic clothes, cycling gear, sandals, rugs and pet items.

    A total value of $102

    May 2019


    Spring is here! The sun comes out, the birds start singing & being outside is the best feeling. Therefore, we are so excited to present you the OUTDOOR theme aiming to encourage you to enjoy this perfect time of the year.


    1. COALATREE Loafer Hammock- $39 

    This hammock is such an ADVENTURE COMPANION because it's extremely compact & ultra lightweight (only 13.4 oz) that is just perfect for camping, backpacking or travel. It's also CONVENIENT due to being packable and easy to hang up. Comes with two ropes & carbines to secure your hammock between two trees–or even unique locations like a fire escape–with minimal effort.

    2. OUTDOOR ELEMENT Survival FIREBINER - $15 

    Firebiner is a survival carabiner that is as much for everyday use as it is for survival enhancement. Replaceable ferro rod & patent-pending Spark Wheel help start fires easily. Very strong stainless steel construction with a 100 lbs capacity. Extremely durable titanium coating. Lightweight, only 1oz. Safety blade easily cuts paracord, fishing line, string & more. Screwdriver tip for quick fixing, and hang slots to connect your keys or other small items with an appropriate ring or clasp. Finally, bottle opener for refreshment time.

    3. GEAR AID Cooling Towel - $18

    When the weather gets hotter, this cooling towel will be your great relief from the heat. Designed with water-activated Cool Mesh Technology, it works fast to help cool the body for up to two hours. Also, the Silver ion antimicrobial treatment helps prevent odors, so it stays fresh longer. This lightweight towel is easily packable with the included storage bag, so bringing it on the next mission or journey is hassle-free.

    4. GREEN GOO Bugs Be Gone - 4.5oz - $12

    Say hi to an outdoor spray that works and is safe to spray directly on your skin. The natural bug repellent properties of yarrow and sage are infused into witch hazel then combined with a potent blend of essential oils. This double protection not only smells good, but is a powerful herbal blend that keeps the bugs away so you can play! Free of synthetic chemicals, Deet, and Citronella. Safe for children & pets.

    5. VEGA SPORT® Protein Bar*  - 2 Bars - $5

    After your hiking or just playing outside, you can treat yourself with a bold taste of chocolate-coated crunchy peanut butter and crispy mint chocolate flavors. The bars are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, have no artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors.… and completely delicious. Each bar has 20 grams plant-based protein, 3 grams fiber. *This product may contain nuts, please read label before consuming.

    A total value of $89

    April 2019


    Every so often, all you need to do is to kick-back & find peace in your own time. This box contains two fundamental stress management and relaxation therapies - music and aroma; with a sole purpose to calm your mind and feed your soul with positivity and life. So go ahead and unwind - it's time you took a load off.

    1. LSTN Wireless Speaker - THE ANTHEM - $70 

    Small size. Huge sound. Weighs less than a pound & easily rechargeable via USB, it's ready to go wherever life takes you. A built-in microphone means you can go from work mode to chill mode without skipping a beat. Also, your purchase helps giving hearing aids to people in need worldwide because sales of all LSTN products go towards Starkey Hearing Foundation.

    2. DRIFTER - Unwind Green Tea Martini Candle 8oz - $12 

    This Unwind candle is hand-poured in Chicago and has a green tea, cucumber and citrus scent. This truly relaxing scent marries up with your favorite tunes will definitely send you to slumber-land a lot faster.

    DRIFTER - El Dorado Whiskey Soap 4.5oz - $8

    Refresh yourself with a manly soap. Made with barrel-aged whiskey to create one-of-a-kind blend & formulated with El Dorado™ hopes to help your skin fight against free radicals and skin inflammation. The soap also has a manly scent with a blend of sandalwood and fir, softened by lemongrass, infused with a crisp bite of bergamot, and finished with the smooth smokey aroma of whiskey.

    BROOKLYN BILTONG - Original 2oz - $6.5

    Biltong is South Africa's version of beef jerky. It is made with 100% grass-fed beef, handcrafted, no corn syrup, no artificial preservatives, and naturally sugar-free. A delicious bite along with a glass of your favorite drinks listening to good-sound music will leave you feeling completely rejuvenated.

    A total value of $96.5

    March 2019


    It's time to say goodbye to those boring tumblers or glasses; let us upgrade your drink-ware collection. For the month of March, we deliver to you a set of drink-ware that is not only unique but also super practical for almost any drink you could think of. So, are you ready to start drinking with style?

    1. HYPERCHILLER Iced Beverage Maker - $30 

    Hyperchiller is the instant drink chiller for making the perfect home-brewed iced coffee, or iced tea, or chilled wine. It cools hot tea or coffee by 130 degrees in less than 1 minute and chill up to 12oz of any liquid WITHOUT any change in flavor or dilution. Furthermore, it's made from food grade stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and dishwasher safe.

    2. BEAST 20oz Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler - $22 

    This tumbler comes with food-grade stainless steel straws and easy sliding spill resistant, shatterproof & BPA-free lid. It's sweat free, double wall vacuum insulation for maximum temp retention, electro-polished interior to ensure your cup remain rust-free, giving you a clean tasting drink every time. Dishwasher safe & cup holder friendly for your convenience. Also, all BEAST tumbler come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE by manufacturer.

     3. NEAT Ultimate Spirit Glass - $19

    This Award Winning glass is the choice of taste makers and experts all over the world. This glass removes nose-numbing ethanol, delivers concentrated aromas and enhances your drinking experience by exposing the true spirit quality. This glass displays the subtle aromas of all spirits, including bourbon whiskey, scotch whisky, tequila, rum, cognac, gin, and even vodka.


    February 2019


    This month, we aim to enhance your lifestyle as a true modern man via improving your sense of hearing with a multi-beneficial audio experience, calm your consciousness by relaxing your eyes and lastly, boost your confidence by awakening sense of smell of the people around you with your great manly scent.

    1. HEAR: ONEvido- Earbuds With Safe Ambient- $79 

    Funded on Kickstarter, the multi-functional ONEvido earbuds with the graphene-coated driver and a custom dynamic speaker give you superior sound quality across the frequency spectrum. In addition, the ONEvido earbuds offer a safe mode. With ambient sound enabled, you can hear your tunes along with the environment around you to keep you in the moment.

    2. SIGHT: 100% Handmade Heated Cotton Eye Mask - $20 

    This eye mask is comfortable to the face and fits over the eyes with adjustable & pain-free head strap. It is perfect for relieving eye dryness, reducing fatigue & eliminate puff eyes because it compress with heat & promote eyes blood circulation. It's also easy to take it everywhere you go.


    Bravado is all swagger. The woodsy, oriental scent is seductive and complex, with spicy notes of nutmeg, sandalwood and leather. This high concentrated cologne is perfect for travel or reapplying on the go, and is made with natural ingredients and oils to help to moisturize your skin.

    Total Value: $121


    January 2019


    The EDC box features all innovative items to help you be prepared for whatever the day brings. For only $45, you will get all of these cool products:

    1. GOAT MUG - 16 oz - Real Leather - $36.5 
    This is a one-of-a-kind coffee mug. It's practical, sustainable, a fashion accessory and a true conversation starter. 

    2. KIKO WING FOLD CARD WALLET - $50      
    Playfully layers soft leather in a geometric design. Slide your bills and cards into the layered positions with a unique view of everything inside 

    3. GERBER® AIR RANGER™ KNIFE - $20      

    Made of high-carbon stainless steel, the serrated-edge drop-point blade delivers optimal sharpenability and exceptional slicing power.  

    Total Value: $106.5